Friday, May 27, 2005

Dusty Riddle.

Dusting Posted by Hello pure networking sending mails and coloring Luchador!
I was dusting my room and found a photocopy of this piece I am really proud, it was done 3 years ago and it became a gift!
I loved this piece!

Have a great time!!

PS: Yes, I am available for Cover Work or Comissions!
ps2: I will update this post if something happens today!!
ps3: almost 12000 profile views!! mmm it really makes me think..thanks for checking that part.
ps4:It has been a good day so far!!



wondy woman said...

I love your Poison Ivy, I find her very interesting, though not the Uma Thurman film version, your Ivy has wonderfully dark eyes

antonio said...

I am sure one day I will be drawing Batman and do something really spectacular because even now I really know how I will handle every character from Batman...
I love those characters a lot!!
glad you liked it!!