Saturday, May 28, 2005

Love for Dummies. Bizarro world

Well this time I do not really know what to think, Well You know I haven`t reached contact with you know whom all this week and for the time being.
I received a message from her
"Hello, I hope you are pretty well, I just want to thank you for all the things you have done for me, really, thank you! with cariño (I do not know if writing love because the word "cariño" can be in a friendly way or not so I keep it without translation) Take care".

I mean I do not get it!!.

I answered to the mail " I do not understand your mail, I am mixed up if you can be more precise or explain yourself"

In Bizarro world this mail could be.

1.-Thank you but that is all.
2.-I really miss you.
3.-Really miss you as a friend.
4.-As I know I won`t see you as I used to so only writing to thank you.
5.-I decided something or you are making me understand something.
6.-A farewell
7.-Just a teaser.
8.-I want to see your reaction.
9.-I am thinking of you.
10.-Thank you for vanishing away so I do not have to make any decision myself.

To be honest I continue really disapointed at her, so I won`t even care right now to intellectualize more on it!
I sometimes get amazed on how some people react.Also the funny part is that I dunno how I will react the next time I see her, I continue with that sour taste in my mouth.

Have a great day !!...JESUS ANTONIO


wondy woman said...

Ah Jesus I am sorry she continues to confuse you. There could be so many reasons for the message, she might not even know the answers herself. I hope you solve that one so you can move on, it's not nice to hear someone as lovely as you in such turmoil. But I guess you already know we're all behind you and wish you well. I'm sure I have lots of wonderful female friends who would go mad for you !

Keep smiling

Wondy x

antonio said...

Thank you for the words cute Wondy!!

What I already know is that I won`t look for her or taking her out. so at least is a first step.
It doesn`t make sense that She wrote something like that really..but is maybe just her way..:)

Take care!!!...JESUS ANTONIO