Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Blues in happy tones

Hey guys!!
Firstable thanks to June, Lisa and Bonita Annita for the words about You know who. Well as usual life is a process and I am learning from it.
Yesterday was a really lazy day I was working on some pages of Luchador!,El Clan and Fair Blues.
My God Wondy becoming a sex toy tester!!!??? (wicked!!!! :) ).
Well as I said I will miss the Wedding of My Brother but he understood perfectly so well I will see him and her everyday at home.
My Dad went to the doctor to see that injury done in the Luchas now He is in some checking but is in nice conditions. :)
My Mom has been crying and crying all these days because her lovely consented boy (my brother) is getting married...really corny I do not imagine tomorrow that will be the Legal Civil Wedding.
Next Tuesday is Luchas Time!!!!
About the drawing I am loading IT IS NOT LUCHADOR! in fact is it a Mexican Pro wrestler and btw it is related the drawing to the nice guy from my country I contacted. So If everything works out this will become a pin up for a magazine.....yyaaayyyy!!!!!!. Specially because I love the character.
See you later on!!
I will get my approval soon so I will finally finish my Architecture studies but later on I will tell the updates on that as soon as I get more info.
with more things to say!!

Have a great and good day!!!


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The Old Lady said...

Glad to hear your dad is getting better.
Good luck with your new venture.Hope he likes the drawing.