Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Punishing the Dust.

I am bored today I am sending some mailings I was owing to send, so well I confirmed today another Pro to have an interview He was so nice to confirmed that He recieved the questions and as I said before it will take him lost of time to answer but it will be worth the wait.
I also contacted a nice guy from my country and offered him something that I hope He accepts He is smart so hopefully good news will come from him.
My brother is getting married next Saturday in Guanatos (Guadalajara) I am not going because I am working that day that next Thrusday it will be a dinner in a restaurant to celebrate his new life.
Dusting my room I found this piece I did really long long time ago with all my favorite characters from Marvel.
I really love the characters!!
I am organizing my room today and I will try to advance another page of Blues and probably in two days other to pages of El Luchador! and El Clan!
Love life well no changes today because I got all day home and I only left to have a hair cut.I got paid today some money so I will have money to send some freebies to friends. And I will probably order a book from a nice decent company I will let you know guys.

See you later!!



Lovely Lisa said...

I'm sorry you are missing your brother's wedding. How sad.

The Old Lady said...

Im sorry your going to miss your brothers wedding.The picture of your marvel characters is good.