Monday, October 10, 2005

Love for Dummies. Am I weird?

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What I am about to talk this time happened to me about a quarter or less and it was so fast that I do no even know what to say to what I did.

Well I took my bus to go home at 8:17 trying to as usual to avoid You Know who and do not see her, well I was a bit tired and I was sleeping in the bus..yes all my face was over the window..:).
At 8:37 the bus arrived in the stop where I have to go off so I did that.
What happened when I left the bus happened in about 38 seconds or more.
I left the bus and I was a little asleep, and I saw at the distance someone familiar..............Yes! it was You know who over that bus stop wearing a green blouse and black pants, She didn`t see me and When She saw me She took her hand to her heart and I in the second number 5 I just said Hi to her and she said Hi in return but laughing nervously.
At this moment of the story I have to say honestly that I didn`t even got nervous it was more like a tiny feeling of disgust.
She tried to take my arm and I move so fast that I didn`t make her touch me after her laugh I just asked her If She was okey..Because She was speechless She only nodded with her head telling yes! So I kiss her in the cheek goodbye and I left the place without turning my head back to see her reaction.I mean what kind of conversation could I make? What point to stop and start a conversation when I know what I am in her life and what She decided to be in mine?
I do not even know what to think about the way I reacted...

am I weird?

Have a great time!!!



AnnaRaven said...

I will go to Mexico if I have such a nice guide as you :D
I don't think you are weird, you don't want to start a close conversation with somebody you are trying to have "appart" at least while the wound heals...
*huge massive hug*


The Old Lady said...

Your not weird.Its just that you've been badly hurt and it takes time to heal thats all.

Lovely Lisa said...

I agree with June!