Saturday, October 29, 2005

Two sisters one ring

I have entered to the world of the Ringu. I watched yesterday the first Ringu movie in fact is the number Zero but in terms of production is the third one. I hope tomorrow to watch the other ones 1 and 2.
As usual a very slow storytelling incredible and solid script for a strange fact in this movie they sacrifice many things in terms of the horror to explain the origin of Sadako and her love story with Toyama and her real gift, I really like the last 20 minutes of the movie.Probably the angles of camera are a bit boring but in the overall I like the way they use the characters and how they link everything, nice twists in the plot.
I really loved the first part (zero) I will tell about the others next week. Btw Yukie Nakama is the actress of the movie and She is quite nice and gorgeous. It has all the elements of a very good horror movie.
Watch the japanese versions of the Ring!

About me well today was a regular day supposedly I will go to a bar not really sure because I have family stuff to take care. I am calling today a girl (the girl I went out last week) to see if She has a day for me :).

See ya tomorrow.
About the comission He liked it a lot he only suggested some minor changes thing that I will do over next week, because I need to redraw the entire drawing but it will be really worthy.

See ya!!



Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

how are you jesus...

i saw the first ring movie.. the japanese version... i liked it a lot...

have you heard of the recent hurricane wilma... it left us with no fence and 4 days without electricity... but we are very lucky that it's just what we got.. thank goodness we're okay,

how have you been? hope you are doing good... --kino--

Lovely Lisa said...

Haven't heard from you in a while, how is my virtual boyfriend???


The Old Lady said...

I saw the first one quite a few years ago.I did enjoy it.Never seen the second though.
Have a great day
June x