Thursday, October 20, 2005

Where is the song of songs for me!? Meme

I saw this on June`s place so I thought it will be funny!
Meme 5 or more favourite songs in English!

1-Nothing compares to you Prince and the version of Sinnead
2-No more I love`s u Annie Lennox
3-Yellow Coldplay
4-Every Breath you take Sting with Police
5.-I still haven`t found what I am looking for U2

In Spanish
1.-Cruz de navajas. Mecano
2.-Yolanda. Pablo Milanes

See ya!!


1 comment:

The Old Lady said...

I love Coldplay have there music.I like the sinead o'connor version of that song to.I know its a song Prince wrote but doesnt sound so good from him.
Hope you date goes well after it was cancelled yesterday.