Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kidding to get some Caramel Eyes.

I am back home after having my classes and I had a nice time,I already have the tickets for Tuesday... I agree to have a date with a nice girl so next Thursday I will go out with her to be honest I have no plans so I will let you know how is everything going on.
The girl from the store said this week We will go out..but guess what Today I saw..... Caramel Eyes and She dyed her hair with some golden lights and She looks so incredible I even realized She had green eyes but I am more than sure that I am not and will not be part of her Universe soon She has stopped any sign of interest well what the heck but Today she looked ravishing!!.
I am having a friend home today so I am sure I will have a nice time, remember I rented some movies so I will enjoy my semi lonely day!!.
I am drawing some pages today so stay tuned to see more work.
The Kid is one of the best movies from Charles Chaplin, Enjoy the great japan poster version this was published around the seventies in Japan.
Great day!!


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The Old Lady said...

Hope you have a nice date on thursday.