Monday, October 17, 2005

Happiness is not the goal.

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I listened today a wise man saying "The wrong thing about people is to believe that their goal in life is to look for happiness, so wrong hapiness is just the result and the harvest of what You have as a goal, your goal is what you want to say to people the motif you are living for..what is your reason to live?"
I really like those words.
Well nothing further happened today so a warm hello to you all....Ohh no wait a minute I watch another time Casablanca and I really loved the movie...It has a simple storyline but it is a precious movie!.
Yesterday I convinced my Dad and my brother to watch Kill Bill ONE and they loved it!!
I was really tired this day and I just drew the plotting of Fair blues hoping by this week to finish the second page and to color another one of Luchador!!
Tomorrow I am going to Las Luchas again :)-
Wish me luck and pray as usual for me!!

About my love life well nothing at a bit but what the heck!! :)

Have a great time!!


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The Old Lady said...

Your love life will improve soon i'm sure.
Im glad your family enjoyed Kill Bill 1.
Have a great day
June x