Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Civil Wedding

My brother and his wife Posted by Picasa

Last Week was the civil Wedding of my brother and his wife. They are moving probably to Veracruz at least what it the word in the house, my Mom still cries in everycorner...well Mother`s stuff. :)
And well right here are some of the pictures taken outside the place.
This is my Brother and his Wife, the other is the Family photo.
I took a lot of Medicine and I feel much much better.I feel now a little grogy :)
I am almost finishing the second page of Fair Blues so keep your eyes open Bonita Anita!!.

Have a great time and see you tomorrow.

I liked the Luchas time and next one will be Awesome because the Cast of next show it is really good!!
We took some photos so hopefully next week I will load them!



AnnaRaven said...

ohh... I can´t wait :D


antonio said...

You are going to like it a lot!!!

Hugs and Kisses to you Annita