Sunday, October 23, 2005

colors and shadows from the soul

Funny but my friend the one I said likes Tango and also attends to some classes of that gave me this movie to watch, after going to Tequisquiapan I decided to watch this movie.
I was honestly thinking that it would be a lost of time but I was wrong.
This is a coproduction done with Spain and Argentina.
The acting of Miguel Angel Sola is the only thing to recover from the acting.The 3 stars of the movie are:
Director: Carlos Saura Cinematographer: Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now, The Last Emperor, Last Tango in Paris,Bulworth, The Conformist, Reds) and Musical Score: Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible, Bullit).
I enjoy the movie a lot specially because it is a musical with tons of coreographies, beautiful beautiful movie except for the lousy lousy and lame love story. A horrible love story framed by the most beautiful Tango study in all the concepts from music to dancing.
If you love to see people dancing this is a movie to see, If you like strong plot lines just keep yourself so so so away from this movie!.
I have to concede that there are some parts of the script and some specific scenes where the script is Awesome! but only some parts...specially the appreciation of life done by the male character.

A nice weekend I had!!


ps:Annita good to see you understood perfectly the sequence!!! :) Love and kisses to you.
ps:Wondy thank you a lot for the words you have said all this time!! I love you tons!!

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The Old Lady said...

Ive never heard of that Movie .Glad you enjoyed it though.