Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bugsy Malone !

Well my friend didn`t show up so I hope this week to have the computer checked. I am drinking a coffee in some hours with my friend Mariana (It`s her birthday today and she also told me she has already bought the tickets for the next fight...I am eager to watch it because Dr. Wagner is figthing!!!!) yayayayy!!!!

Well this is one of my favorite movies when I was young, I really loved Bugsy Malone sorry to hear his director was and still really ashamed of this work but for me it really worked perfectly, I just can`t recall who the director was...and yes this is the movie where I saw the beautiful Jodie Foster for the first time...I guess after this She was in Taxi driver...let me know If I am wrong!

Good day!!
Thanks Victor for the conversation!


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