Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mighty words in a subtle orange line

I found this poster some time ago and It is a delight to watch. I started one Comission I got last week and I like the way that is shaping if everything goes well I will load them in some days aside a new page of Luchador! explaining my process of work and why it has been taking me ages to get the issue done and hopefully the last page of Fairy Blues soon.
About my Social Service I have finally my appointment tomorrow at nine ò clock, and after that I need to get to the bank and pay my taxes.......(thing that never makes me happy but it has to be done).
I have the tickets for November 1st for the Luchas yayayayayyyyyyyaaayyy!!!!!.
Yesterday I gave my friend a wishing troll for her birthday!!
so it was a really nice day!!
See you tomorrow!!


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