Monday, October 31, 2005

The Science of the Golden Blues. III

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I decided to load the whole work I finished today showing the story called Fair Blues a science fiction story set in some 1920`s enviroment and full or vintage concepts aside futurism.
The writer is the nice Annita Raven and I am the script destroyer.
This is part of a contest She and I are entering We still need to finish more things, I need to finish in about 10 days the inking and send her all the info so someone else letters the work and If possible color it by computer (If possible).
Well I was saying that I was the destroyer because I made many changes in the imagery and on the third page I made a modification in the script.
I decided to eliminate one panel of story in order to keep the reader really intrigued of what is going to be after next page. I really like to start with a strong panel and finish with a strong panel.
Now I need to decide in what way I will ink the work, I guess I will use a classy way.
Annita has a really bright future!!

I hope you like it cute Annita!! Sometimes I wish you were living in my country !! :) We would have the ball all the time!!!! :) :)

Talking about strong panels That is something that I LLLOOOOVVVEEEEDDDD of working with my Amigo Nik Havert, He makes really good punch panels I only add the information that I need to explain the page. I am a little behind schedule with our work but I am working in my free times with Luchador1 and Yes I am going tomorrow to the next fight!!! :).He is the most solid writer I know and I loved that He makes the reader make a differenciation with the usage of Voices!!

I am available for comission work in case You want!! :)

Have a great day and see you later on!!


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Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

scifi set in the 20's... im hooked:)

that isn't a destroyer... if what you did will benefit the book then it is very good:)

jesus... its near october so i will be receiving the dvd soon... ill email you as soon as it arrives... take care.. :) --kino--