Sunday, October 16, 2005

This is what I will do when I draw BATMAN

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I am sure that someday I will draw Batman in a very long long run and Well this is my take on Batman I even investigated with some friends what it was on their mind when they were drawing or writing Batman (I am lucky enough to have respectable friends who had worked with the character to have the right info from the direct source).
So well A little tutorial

This is a dummy cover I did some years ago as a Submission.
When I want another person to ink my work I try to keep the work so loose even without details because that gives me the chances to see the inking style and also to know who is really strong to make my work more powerful.
also I have a bad tendency (well it is not bad but for some people it is really hard to see the stiffed work of line I have when I ink).
This image was inked by a friend, and after what I saw I decided to ink my own.

Below is it my take on the inking as you might see I commited some errors in some of the speed lines but in the overall I am really proud about the way I handled the ink, I also needed some attention in the line weight of the inked but I was more concerned about the old litho style I like to do.I also have the tend to modify the design If it is neccessary to do so!! (e.g the shadowing and the cape work).

So I will do this when I get my hands in Batman!!!!


Have a great time!!



AnnaRaven said...

Awww.. I always wanted to write Batman...
the villain will be Ras :D


Crónicas de Sepelaci said...

Ey, Jesús...
¿sabes que mi hijo está haciendo una gran colección de submissions de Batman?
Incluso tengo un dibujo de Raúl Treviño...
¿Qué grandes dibujantes me faltan?
Uhm... NO se me ocurre ninguno...

Un saludín

antonio said...

Amigo Victor recuerda que ya estoy trabajando en el entintado del dibujo de tu hijo,, Creias que se me habia olvidado?? Para nada mi estimado dame unas semanitas y te mando el scan para que veas lo que te mandare por correo :) :9