Monday, October 24, 2005

The Buzz

Yesterday I received some mails (thanks Paco I am writing to you over the weekend to thank you) about the situation in my country after Wilma, I have to be honest I never expected that Yucatan and Chiapas were really devastated after this horrible situation, thanfully I live in the central area and it was funny but this weekend was the most perfect weekend in terms of the weather here.I am okey nothing has happened to me and my family thanks for asking.
If you can help La Cruz Roja Mexicana go and help I would appreciate it tons. (the info is in Spanish). I am doing that in my town.

Today was kind of boring I did some stuff at home, tomorrow a person will help me to check my computer, I will take tomorrow to draw the usual work and to design some work for my brother because He wants to open a T-shirt business with my art to support his new family, in some weeks If everything is solid I will start selling them via the web. I am still behind schedule in some many things but tomorrow will be another day!!
Batman was one of my favorite shows the same as it was The Green Hornet!! I still do not understand why this TV show never nailed it!!
Have a great day!!

June thanks a lot for the words...go and watch Tango!.
I am planning to rent the Ring one and two over the weekend (but the japanese flicks of course!!). I owe my father the love to Bruce Lee films!!

Great day to you all!!


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