Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Blues in inked happy tones

I returned some ours ago from the Civil Wedding of my Brother it was hilarious in some aspects and it was good to see my bro having that step. I will get drunk today (I do not drink in fact it will be my second time in many years but I guess it will be worthy).
Victor check your mail!! :)
Annita you are absolutely right about Casablanca that is also one of my favorite movies ever specially the work of Humphrey Bogart...And a delightful story you share with me!!..thank you Bonita Anita...(I didn`t know about your skill in musical terms....!!)
June thanks a lot for the wishes My Dad is doing okey!! Well I am loading the inked version of the image I loaded. I haven`t heard from the guy but everygthing goes well in fact I will interview him for the AACE soon. I am now in one of my final resting days because next week I will have timings really in full.
I am also trying to speed up the work of Luchador! with el Buen Amigo Nik Havert sot he work sees print at the beggining of next year also I am still waiting for some responses from Pedro L. Lopez my friend and writer.
Well have a nice time all of you and I keep you informed!!
The guys in the social service hasn`t call me so tomorrow I will called to know when do I start.
And this weekend I will try to finish another page of Fair Blues.


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Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

IT's nice to know that your dad is doing okay:)

congratulations to your brother too:)

im doing okay jesus (hope you are doing ok too) just a lot of things to do at school:)