Thursday, October 27, 2005

Entre mi arte y tu arte.

Comission Posted by Picasa

I still do not know If I will post tomorrow so I decided to load the Comission I was working on.
This friend of mine ask me to draw something with Luchadores and his favorite artist so I decided some things before getting into it.
I sacrifice a little bit the resemblance in order to get the same cartoony way of the Comission as He asked me to.
I wanted to have that kind of crazy look that Mike Allred`s work has.
I wanted also that the nobody would win or nobody would lose that easily so I know the main character is beating the crap out of one of the wrestlers but there is one behind him who is going to hit the crap out of him wiht a chair so nobody is winning at all, and well a midget to make things worse :) :).
I also decided to keep the design work and I add some micros to balance the triagle shape I used.
I still need to ink the piece in a classy style the one He liked some time ago in the pin up I set some weeks ago.

Have a great time!!


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The Old Lady said...

Thats an interesting drawing.i do like it very much.