Friday, October 07, 2005

My virtual love or I am a lucky guy.

June thanks a lot for the words, Yes, you are right the flying guy is the star of the comic.Annita is the writer and is an amazing girl I wish She were living in my country...* sigh*

Well I am writing to Nik this weekend (finally!!! to define schedules for Rocket and Luchador!), I just came from the school seems that Wednesday I will receive the approval (wish me luck because there is a 80% of security but you never know) and I came from the Social Service office where I will have my service, I am eager to start because it is also helping some poor families (poorer than I).
Seems everything is getting along I need only to try to fix my lovelife too. btw some weeks ago You know who sent me a mail to talk about the news in my life. I have to confess that I took a lot of time to aswer to her and I was really really cold in the response well not as warm as I was all this time. Now I am again checking my possibilities. And now I have my Dearest virtual candylove. (kisses and hellos to you Lovely Lisa...remember chins up!!!).
I will let you know how it was the show during the weekend.

have a great time!!



The Old Lady said...

Oh i think you and Lovely Lisa would be sweet together.Her virtual boyfriend.
Good luck with the social thing.

AnnaRaven said...

It´s absolutely amazing! :D
I'll e-mail you tonight with some cool stuff ... and hopefully will find words to say how impressed I am by that page *lol*


Lovely Lisa said...

Oh my virtual boyfriend!
You are adorable...thank you for the kind words on my blog...I know, chin up...
Same goes for you, dear!

antonio said...

My virtual girl have a nice week and thanks a lot for the words!!
hahah maybe you are right June when I go to Indiana I would see that is for sure!!


Annita corazon!! Expect the others soon :) :)...

Kisses to you all!!