Tuesday, October 25, 2005

For Whom the Bell tolls

I am still sleepy a bit coming from one of my daily jobs, I am now waiting for the guy who is going to help me with my computer and see what is in need to modify on it.
Well I saw the words June wrote and I agree totally I need to learn how not to care so much about things. Btw lovely story about bullying you wrote. In my case I have to say that one of the greatest things of not lying or behaving so good everytime gives you the chance to behave horribly.
This is my story:
I used to study my elementary, junior high and high school in the same place in fact a Catholic Chuch.
When I was in 4th grade elementary school a guy (I remember his second name as Corona) in my school started teasing me hitting my head with his open hand for quite a few times, I have never been the bully I have always been like the ironic dark sensed guy well He continued hitting me till I just got fed up.
So I traced my masterplan I waited for the lunch break and when I was in the school yard I started collecting some rocks, small ones :) and I filled my pencil bag with those, thanfully the teacher changed places so now I was at his back sitting normally so when Corona was really concentrated on his work I just took the pencil bag filled of rocks and hit him with all my guts!!!. As you might know the sound of the blow was so hard that the teacher noticed it. Corona was taking his head with his hands and the teacher started asking who hit him. He asked me and I said "I do not know but It wasn`t me..". Corona crying was accusing me but because everybody knows I do not lie, the teacher believed me and also punished Corona with another hit in the same place for lying...Well in fact I lied that time and was sweet sweet . I still can not understand why my classmates never told on me. Probably they were also fed up of Corona.
Keep the secret to yourself :).

See you later on!!
Wondy congrats on your first working day!!!


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The Old Lady said...

Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and for others.The other classmates were probably grateful to you.