Friday, October 14, 2005

Lonely soul.

Well my parents are leaving today to go tomorrow to the Wedding of my Brother. I am still upset about yesterday because My brother prefered to celebrate with his friends instead of us but well I need to understand it.
I saw this beautiful Poster done in Japan please enjoy (I love the way japanese design posters).
I sent a mail to a friend of mine related to a comission I will let you know If something good comes from the message because that will be an incredible kind of news.
I will be lonely tomorrow at home hopefully I find a friend to be with me and watch some movies I rented Casablanca and Kill Bill one.
I will finish another page of Fair Blues and a comission I will work soon.
By the way the great Nik sent me a haiku about me(a japanese short poem, probably tomorrow I will post it) I will thank him tomorrow!!
I was told that some editors are checking my work so that is nice..:)

Nik made my day ...I had a shitty day and some news I got made me had a better perspective.

Have a great time and see you later!!


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