Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Broken Blossoms 1919

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Sometimes when I talk about silent movies I forget to mention W. Griffith, not about his lipstick silent flicks some of them adorable but more about his serious work.
I have to be honest and recognize that his serious work is really hard to follow and bear.

I only can recommend Intolerance and The Birth of a Nation done by him but I need to warn that you really need to love silent movies to really understand the low flow of these movies and all the drama involved are a must in terms of the historial period, probaly another serious or semi-serious work done by him is Broken Blossoms it is adorable the way that he uses colors to portray the different enviroments over the film.

There is a review I saw somewhere about this movie.
"In Broken Blossoms (1919) an idealistic young Chinese man comes to England to preach his eastern philosophy of peace, but soon finds himself a disillusioned shopkeeper in a London slum. There he befriends and helps shelter an abused, illegitimate adolescent girl who is regularly beaten by her prizefighter father. When the father learns of the situation his narrow mind and violent temper lead to a terrible and fateful confrontation. Acclaimed by many critics from the time of its release through the present day as Griffith's greatest film, Broken Blossoms may well be the first tragic masterpiece of the cinema. Far more intimate than the epic The Birth of a Nation and Intolerance, it is a delicate story of characters and ideals caught up in an inexorable destiny. Modern-day critics who acknowledge Griffith's contribution to cinema also find the eloquent plea for racial tolerance less embarrassing to embrace than the controversial The Birth of a Nation".

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