Friday, October 14, 2005

The Chosen has named the Prophetic words.

Thanks Pete! Posted by Picasa

Hey Pete you were right.
It was the Prophecy...It is one of my best movies specially because of the way Angels are handled over it. I was really mad because I couldn`t remember the name because in Spanish the movie was called "Soldados de Dios" in the European version was called "God`s Army" and in America was used as The Prophecy.My favorite scene is when The dark Angel embraces another person. I will try to see If I can rent it tomorrow.
I didn`t know there were 4 movies already!! Are they good?
I like the first one I didn`t realized I saw this movie in 1995...damn!! time goes fast!!

I am going to my daily job but as soon as I return or tomorrow I will answer the nice posts of the cuties...
See ya later and thanks Pete.
I have some surprises for the weekend...!! Expect the news!!


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The Old Lady said...

It was the film that was on here not long ago.I love films with Christopher Walken in anyway.Hes just such an awesome actor.