Friday, October 21, 2005

The Light Darkness upon my face!!

Today I just came from the Social Service to know that the person who has to give me my training just travel to mind some businesses so that means that next week I will know what about it.

There`s been long time I do not speak about music and as some of you know MY FAVORITE BAND EVER IS PORTISHEAD.
Damn Beth Gibbons is really hot and depressive..:)
8 years to produce a new album...I am sure it will be worthy the wait.

Wondy and UK fellows please let me know when the CD hits the stand in your place I really want to have a copy of the New album but in the UK version. Just let me know about it and I will find a way to compensate your help. The last thing I knew it was that many people were saying that the new album would be called Alien but I am sure the album will have another name.
I guess Portishead did another track for an album..can someone give me more info about it?

I liked that Robin Williams has a single that reminds me a lot to the prior work of Sting.
Please listen to Moloko she is great.
I am also expecting the new album of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Have a nice time!!


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