Wednesday, October 05, 2005

By Crom there is Dust all over the place!!!.

Dust in my eyes Posted by Picasa

June recover soon!!!
By Crom!
Crazy world? Kal-el has been born and his Father is not from Kripton is just Nicholas Cage...funny indeed!!.
Sad the names of mexican comics are not right for babies...I can not imagine naming my baby Kaliman, Alma Guerrera or Memin Penguin. hahahahahahah!!
I am loading one old image I did for a friend and that I am really proud of it.
I love Conan the Barbariand and I would love to draw it in my life someday.
I even had an story about drawing Conan in my past but it was a long story and I will keep it to myself.
By the way I am drawing in short periods but I have some pleasant surprises, I was talking to a nice friend editor and hopefully by next year there would be some work from his side.

Have a great time!!



The Old Lady said...

Great drawing.Thanks for your kind wishes.Im home now and feeling a little better.

antonio said...

Great to hear that!!
Lady go back to your bed and rest...go go!!


AnnaRaven said...

those are really good news, boy.
The picture... amazing, as always. You never stop surprising us!
Lots of love and cheesecake.