Sunday, October 09, 2005

I wanna hang!!

Sesame Street characters and photos are copyright of Sesame Workshop.

Hey guys!!!
Today I woke up and my Family just went out downtown to have lunch so that mean everything is quite quiet now and I am lonely I just came from the store and I bought a Duvalin, as some hot nuts (hot nuts is a kind of junkfood .... in case there are some dirty minds).
Well no plans for the day I will just draw today another page of Luchador! and El Clan.
Probably next week will be the one to get all the permits and paperwork to get again in the train of closing circles of my Career.
I saw yesterday the girl nearby the school the girl from the store and She said that She would try to fix a going out in a couple of weeks.
I wanna hang in case a friend takes me out, Alfredo still needs to give the photos He took in the Luchas.
I couldn`t mention it before but my Father and my brother had an incredible time over there even my Father got a hit from one of the wrestlers who landed in the chair where my Father was some bruises in the leg of my Dad but He was really thrilled and happy and declared himself Rudo from now on. When you go to the Luchas you have to define If you are Rudo or Tecnico (the bad boys :rudos or the good boys: tecnicos).
Gonzo is one of my favorite characters ever!!

See you tomorrow!!!


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