Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wedding!! Wedding!

My Brother`s Wedding Posted by Picasa

Well this photo was taken at the reception from the Wedding of my Brother...I was missing in the picture because I couldn`t go ...So here is my whole Family!!
My Mom said that She slept in a haunted house and my little brother (to yor left) was scared by someone over there ..hahahahahah I was really laughing about it!!

See you later !!



AnnaRaven said...

your mother has such a sweet smile :D

The Old Lady said...

Lovely photo of your family.they look really happy.

wondy woman said...

You're mother is absolutely radiant, what a nice family you have! Is that you in the pic? Hot!

antonio said...

Wondy!!!! Great to see you back!!

About the photo...My youngest brother Salvador, my Mom my brother (the one who got married Emanuelle..yes Emmanuelle my Mom and Dad got the name wrong but They are fine with it, a teache He used to have made fun of him because Emmanuelle is a girl name ;) ) and My Dad I was absent working!!

Great to see you here again!!