Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Prophetic words of Love!!!

Japanese Buster Keaton Posted by Picasa

Hey June thanks a lot for the words I am sure you already know that my lovelife will improve soon so thank you for the heading!! (I hope it gets good soon!! because 2 days ago I wanted to know more a girl I was just hanging out lately and well now it seems it is not possible because She is just leaving this week to another part of the country so no more knowing the person..hahahahaha well s**t happens. :)
I am a bit lazy and sick (a headache) today and I wanted to use Excel but I am so lame using it so I will wait for one of my brothers to help me because now I am just lost :).
Today I am going to the Luchas so expect an overall soon!!
I feel a little sick so I will sleep some hours and later on I will try to draw for some hours, I received an email this morning about doing a documentary with many spanish friends and professionals of the comic and They want me to participate but the only problem is that the documentary is in Spain and I am still in Mexico living, I really hope the distance is not an issue and they find a way so I can cooperate...seems really odd the proposal but I love the idea people know more about me and my work specially over Spain where my work is breaking tru.
I was about to go to the school to check some paperwork today but I prefer to do everything tomorrow morning, I am a little behind schedule with my paper work and some stuff I need to cover in my Residency but well tomorrow is another day!!
Remember the story I wrote FOOL well I have seen the inked pages and I liked them a lot!! as soon as I have them with the corrections I will post them!!
Annita as I said before so great We have so many things in common.

Thursday,Friday and Saturday I have no work so that means time to dedicate to the work I am behind.

Have a great day!!!


ps:The image is from Our Hospitality an incredible movie of Buster Keaton!!!.


The Old Lady said...

Thats just too bad the girl is moving.
Sorry you have a headache,and are not really good.It sounds like your getting a little stressed.
Feel better soon

antonio said...

I needed some sleep and now I feel much better in fact I have some news!!

Thanks dear June!!