Saturday, October 22, 2005


I always believed that movies the same as books and information come to your side at proper time the same as people and now I just found another jewel in the desert, I had the chance to see the movie Yeogo Gwidam 4: Moksori (South Korea) and in Spanish the version is called La Voz or the Voice in English from what I know this movie is part of a series of some movies called Whispering Corridor.
If you like Korean horror this is a must.
It is really slow but for an essential reason!!
I loved the way that they portrayed Young Eon!!!
I even got the last gap in the story I am still developing called Third Death, and this movie help me find the final link to start writing the story.

Watch it!!!

Have a great time!!!

ps:Wondy kisses to you.



Wondy Woman Tests Toys said...

I haven't seen that particular movie but I will certainly check it out - I adore the asian extreme films, they might be my favourite!

Kisses back Jesus!

Wondy x

wondy woman said...

Sorry, I signed in there as my alter ego!