Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The insight of my soul

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Yesterday was good in the overall, do you remember I was kind of sick yesterday? ..but even being and feeling sick I really enjoyed the show.
I saw a BEAUTIFUL wrestler fighter called Sioux, wow She was hot!!
About the show I have to confess that this time There were more hits than movements that was different because it normally happens that the movements are the base of this fights and what I liked the most, I also like Perros del Mal!!.
I liked the show but from what I heard the next one for November 1st will be Awesome!!!

I am today a kind of moody and I have many things to do tomorrow I still feel a little sick and with a mild headache but with the Medicine I took I feel pretty fine.
Tomorrow I have a date with a nice girl tomorrow I will send the insight.
No news about comic work till tomorrow!!
I am now going back to sleep!!
See ya later!!


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The Old Lady said...

Glad you enjoyed the wrestling
Have a great date
Hugs June x