Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sub 17 World Champion.

Mexico 3-Brazil 0 Posted by Picasa

I just watched this game and It was really good at least the first half, the second was a little bit boring but Mexico finally won something from FIFA.
I went downtown to have a coffee with my friend and as usual We were talking about girls and I was telling him the new updates about next week.
I will go out with 2 girls over the week so expect news on the dates soon!

Have a great day!
ps:Just befor leaving today is October 2 another sad sad Anniversary of the Massacre of 1968 and the responsible ones are still free. Octubre 2 no se olvida!!



The Old Lady said...

Good news 2 dates.Looking forward for updates.
I know i still support Wales but i dont think they have any chance of getting through in the World cup.

antonio said...

Wales is a nice team sad they do not normally get into the hot spots!!

I like a lot UK soccer, italian soccer makes me bored.