Thursday, October 20, 2005

Moving Forward

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Well today many things to talk about.
I sent my last deposit to the bank for the trips I was planning since some years ago, now I have no excuse now for visiting my friends over USA next year specially Nik,Betsy and well to look for work in New York (I will only be wise about the right timing to go because I am in terms of pleasure trips but also wanting to return after that with a job) and also my plan to visit Spain to hang out with my friends, now I have the amount I wanted to save.
I finish the second page of Fairy Blues, another one of Luchador! and another of El Clan so expect soon some work to be shared.
Now I am just waiting for a friend to check my computer and I will have a training this afternoon for my social service and at night the date with this girl.
So see you later or tomorrow!!

Yes I am available for Comission work...drop me a line If you are interested!!

I received this post from one of my best friend Betsy living now in Texas, so I supposed you may like it!!

It is good It is good that you are where you are. Because where you are is a place from which you can surely move forward. It is good that you have made it through the events that brought you to this place and time. Because the journey has provided you with valuable knowledge, experience, wisdom and strength.
It is good that there are challenges for you to tackle. For on the other side of those challenges, once you work through them, is the treasure of achievement.
It is good that you're not completely certain about what tomorrow will bring. Because that gives you the opportunity to make tomorrow into whatever you choose.
It is good that the world is constantly changing. For that gives you the ability to fill it with your highest vision. It is good that things are just the way they are. For that gives you the perfect opportunity to make life into the best that it can be.
-- Ralph Marston

Have a great time!!


ps:I forgot to mention that I saw a good movie called Golden Balls or Huevos de Oro with Javier Bardem (in my opinion the best spanish actor also "Mar Adentro" with him).
the director is Bigas Luna an incredible creative mind.
I didn`t know that I have seen some movies from him, like Jamon,Jamon! and Bambola!.
People say Golden Balls is his masterpiece I have to disagree the writing is really awful but the tools an resources used on the movie and the acting are the strenghts of the movie.

His link.

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