Sunday, October 23, 2005

Our land in the place of joy.

This weekend was quite nice I went yesterday to Soriano to visit a Virgin and accomplished half of a Manda I gave my word to do.
Manda is when you do something after a promise and I was completing part of that kind of Oath I made some time ago.

And today I was visiting Tequisquiapan that is a touristic town near my city so I have been like a hog over this weekend.

And tomorrow I will start my my meal regimen and control again my weight!! :)
Today I saw this movie Hero made in Japan. It is a must go and rent it!!!
It has everything in a movie.The art is amazing!!

Have a great time the rest of the afternoon will be spent with my family and at night drawing some work I am a little behind schedule!
Great start of the week!



AnnaRaven said...

hero is a gorgeous film! I hope you had liked it :D

The Old Lady said...

Its good your honouring your promise.I didnt know what a Manda was.But now i know.
Hugs June x