Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Science of the Golden Blues. II

Fairy Blues Posted by Picasa

I am still not sure If tomorrow I will post so I am doing it in advance.
The girl just called me that today She was leaving from her job late so tomorrow it will be the date instead of today. (bummer :) ).
About the Social Service appointment The person never came so She called only to apologize so this day was free so I went and scanned the second page.
Cute Annita I made some changes in the script in terms of the art and the ambience but I am sure you may like the changes. I am even sure We will have something good with this so prepare your luggage in case We win!!!

Have a great day and see you !!
Peace out!


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AnnaRaven said...

Hey...that´s Casablanca´s bar, and Humphrey! Oooooooh...
I will start thinking about my lugagge cases, yep *laughs*

Lots of love,