Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Crashing Chariots of Fire.

I am taking the morning to check my mails... and to define some things I need to draw.
About movies watch Crash a little difficult to digest specially some scenes that are a bit sick but a nice movie!
This movie is really hard If you only set your attention in all the sex scenes but what I love is the Pyscological background of every character, really sick and lonely people.
No plans for today I only need to call the people from The Social Service to see what it is going to happen and I am cleaning my room.
In case something great happens I will get back and write it down.

Have a nice day!!



The Old Lady said...

My daughter has that movie.I will have to ask her to borrow it to me.

antonio said...

I have to warn you that maybe is not for every taste, As I said sometimes really hard to deal with...specially the scene of the tattoo.

Great day to you Dear June!!



The Reverend Dan said...

I can't believe your friends didn't show. Don't they know...
"Nobody fucks with the Jesus."
-- Jesus Quintana
The Big Lebowski

antonio said...

hahahahahahahahahhaha yes you are right but in my country the word PROCRASTINATION is a must!...hahahahahahaha! thanks for the words and great to see you writing hear TOCAYO