Thursday, October 13, 2005

The sober guy stills sober

Well I was about to celebrate the wedding of my brother but he decided to celebrate his WEDDING with his friend so well as you might suppose I am just sober and well I made up my mind and wanted to tell you other Movies that I love (more recent movies as you might see!! ).
Btw I have received some nice compliments from my pro- inker friends telling me that is one of my best inked pieces. So I am happy about the response tomorrow I will write to them to thank them.

I guess I said it before but I always had a crush on Jodie Foster so sad to know She became a lesbian after that stocker who tried to kill Reagan and wanted to show Jodie a strange token of love.Well for me Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon are probably the best movies from the saga. For a strange reason these two movies really work portraying Annibal.

Seven is maybe the best movie I saw when I was in my high school,Brad Pitt really acted incredibly well.And the ending is just a master piece.

Have you ever seen this movie??? Clockwork Orange is a must, I like dark sense of humor and this movie stands from all the crazy movies I have seen I like a lot a weird rendition Breyfogle did some years ago when Batman was captured by the Clay Men.

I am still trying to remember the name of another movie about angels in fact fallen angels, I remembered the fallen angels had black eyes and they were temping a priest. Can you remember the name of that movie...Gabriel was portrayed on that movie and a big fight of angels in fact there were to fight again for the second time fallen angels and angels. There was a name like Apocalypse or sort of..Help me to remember the title that is also one of my favorite movies (sad the poor spanish translations are so bad that I forget some names of some movies)

My friend Mariana already bought the ticket for The Luchas this Tuesday!! Hurrray!!!!!

Well Have a great time!!



AnnaRaven said...

Mmm is that movie the one where Vigo Mortenssen (sp?) is the Devil? and Gabriel is Christopher Walken?

Rainypete said...

The movie was The Prophecy wasn't it? It went on to a few sequels that weren't too bad either.

A Clockwork Orage is a fantastic flick. Beautifully tongue in cheek. Anyone else feel liek a bit of Ludwig Van?

The Old Lady said...

Well i was thinking the same as Rainy Pete.I actually think it was on Tv here not long ago.Thats why i remembered it.
I have Clockwork Orange on DVD.Would you believe they were selling them for $8 in a bargain bucket.