Saturday, October 01, 2005

Domo Arigato Fellas!

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Firstable an enormous thank you to My Amigo Nik Havert!!!!!!!!!!

You do not know Nik Havert? What is wrong with you? Go and check his place and see the work We do aside.

Everything is getting much brighter in a nice way. Let`s get into the topic Nik sent me this beautiful magazine of Wrestlers (I will send you in 3 weeks a package with wrestling souvenirs Nik !!!).
I loved the magazine aside other book He included and later on I will talk about it.
Today was kind of a freeday, Yesterday I was told to be present in my Social Service and the person in fact the director of the office told me to be present today at 8:00 in the morning to start it. You can imagine that I was like crazy looking for a substitute of my class and my boss really help me as usual (damn She knows I owe her my friendship and loyalty..She has been an star in my life).
Obviously I lose the payment of the day but I thought I would start my Social Service..and guess what?..well I arrived as punctual as I am and I waited for the director He arrived and kept me waiting for other 20 minutes just to tell me that I have to see him next Tuesday to give me the place where I have to go...damn!! as you guess I lost my day for nothing, I just went to the school to thank my boss and let her know that I will try not to affect her anymore and I got the day free, so I went shopping and I bought two black slackers and a T-shirt.
I am really enjoying the day!
I even had some time to talk to the girl I like from the store nearby.
I am going to Las Luchas next Friday and I am sure I will have the time of my life!
Starting this week I will explain how Luchas became the national sport aside soccer but I will talk in terms of social issues and how a regular person can become a fanatic of the sport.

See you around!!


ps:I am drawing in some minutes I will start doddling.
ps:I still do not drink soda, and I am getting in my regular regimen to lose some pounds to fit on my new slackers. :)

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