Monday, October 31, 2005

Two sisters one ring,one video.

Ringu Posted by Picasa

I finally saw Ringu One and hopefully I will watch number Two tomorrow If I can rent it today, Well I have to say that ringu One is really amazing and entertaining I had a blast cheking the way that the Curse was handled over all the movie.Amazing twist in the plots.
Now I undertand how ringu Zero was a neccessary factor in terms of explanation.

Go and Watch this movie!!


The Science of the Golden Blues. III

Fair Blues 1 Posted by Picasa

I decided to load the whole work I finished today showing the story called Fair Blues a science fiction story set in some 1920`s enviroment and full or vintage concepts aside futurism.
The writer is the nice Annita Raven and I am the script destroyer.
This is part of a contest She and I are entering We still need to finish more things, I need to finish in about 10 days the inking and send her all the info so someone else letters the work and If possible color it by computer (If possible).
Well I was saying that I was the destroyer because I made many changes in the imagery and on the third page I made a modification in the script.
I decided to eliminate one panel of story in order to keep the reader really intrigued of what is going to be after next page. I really like to start with a strong panel and finish with a strong panel.
Now I need to decide in what way I will ink the work, I guess I will use a classy way.
Annita has a really bright future!!

I hope you like it cute Annita!! Sometimes I wish you were living in my country !! :) We would have the ball all the time!!!! :) :)

Talking about strong panels That is something that I LLLOOOOVVVEEEEDDDD of working with my Amigo Nik Havert, He makes really good punch panels I only add the information that I need to explain the page. I am a little behind schedule with our work but I am working in my free times with Luchador1 and Yes I am going tomorrow to the next fight!!! :).He is the most solid writer I know and I loved that He makes the reader make a differenciation with the usage of Voices!!

I am available for comission work in case You want!! :)

Have a great day and see you later on!!


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Fair Blues 3 Posted by Picasa

Carving old languages with Candy sticks


Happy Halloween for my fellas.
I hope you have a great day full of candy, booze and sex!!.You set the order

Before getting into the topics.

Dear Jesus:
Haven't heard from you in a while, how is my virtual boyfriend???Kisses

Lovely Lisa missing you tons, your virtual boyfriend got a bit busy drawing and drawing and watching movies and today I am enjoying the 3 free days I have, I still need to finish some homework from my residence but hopefully in fifteen days to be done with half of the work.
Sorry for being absent my Lovely Lisa I will drop by to you place over today and tomorrow.
Kisses in all your body!! :). How is my virtual cutie piece of pumpkin pie doing?

June I already saw Ringu One and I got amazed I loved the film!!
I also need to comment on a great movie I saw called KOMA!!
Wondy saw your mail today..I will respond to you over the week :).

See you later because I need to load some stuff here.
I also want for Dia de Muertos to write a legend or some legends from the region I live.

Bloddy Kisses and Lusty Hugs to Everybody.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Two sisters one ring

I have entered to the world of the Ringu. I watched yesterday the first Ringu movie in fact is the number Zero but in terms of production is the third one. I hope tomorrow to watch the other ones 1 and 2.
As usual a very slow storytelling incredible and solid script for a strange fact in this movie they sacrifice many things in terms of the horror to explain the origin of Sadako and her love story with Toyama and her real gift, I really like the last 20 minutes of the movie.Probably the angles of camera are a bit boring but in the overall I like the way they use the characters and how they link everything, nice twists in the plot.
I really loved the first part (zero) I will tell about the others next week. Btw Yukie Nakama is the actress of the movie and She is quite nice and gorgeous. It has all the elements of a very good horror movie.
Watch the japanese versions of the Ring!

About me well today was a regular day supposedly I will go to a bar not really sure because I have family stuff to take care. I am calling today a girl (the girl I went out last week) to see if She has a day for me :).

See ya tomorrow.
About the comission He liked it a lot he only suggested some minor changes thing that I will do over next week, because I need to redraw the entire drawing but it will be really worthy.

See ya!!


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Entre mi arte y tu arte.

Comission Posted by Picasa

I still do not know If I will post tomorrow so I decided to load the Comission I was working on.
This friend of mine ask me to draw something with Luchadores and his favorite artist so I decided some things before getting into it.
I sacrifice a little bit the resemblance in order to get the same cartoony way of the Comission as He asked me to.
I wanted to have that kind of crazy look that Mike Allred`s work has.
I wanted also that the nobody would win or nobody would lose that easily so I know the main character is beating the crap out of one of the wrestlers but there is one behind him who is going to hit the crap out of him wiht a chair so nobody is winning at all, and well a midget to make things worse :) :).
I also decided to keep the design work and I add some micros to balance the triagle shape I used.
I still need to ink the piece in a classy style the one He liked some time ago in the pin up I set some weeks ago.

Have a great time!!


Exhausting day!!

Today is one of those days that I did so many things but at the same time I did nothing.
I paid my taxes! (Yeah,no happy time! :) ).
I went to my social service all day long and tomorrow I need to work all morning in a Goverment stand...hahaha well I never expected that.
I also took some money from the bank to pay a person who substitute me once in a class.
Tomorrow I will be really busy so in case I do not come here hopefully by Saturday I will send and update. Now I am going back to sleep but before I will draw something I am behind schedule.
Today was good!!

Have a great day!!!
Yes, Go and watch Serpico!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mighty words in a subtle orange line

I found this poster some time ago and It is a delight to watch. I started one Comission I got last week and I like the way that is shaping if everything goes well I will load them in some days aside a new page of Luchador! explaining my process of work and why it has been taking me ages to get the issue done and hopefully the last page of Fairy Blues soon.
About my Social Service I have finally my appointment tomorrow at nine ò clock, and after that I need to get to the bank and pay my taxes.......(thing that never makes me happy but it has to be done).
I have the tickets for November 1st for the Luchas yayayayayyyyyyyaaayyy!!!!!.
Yesterday I gave my friend a wishing troll for her birthday!!
so it was a really nice day!!
See you tomorrow!!


Crashing Chariots of Fire.

I am taking the morning to check my mails... and to define some things I need to draw.
About movies watch Crash a little difficult to digest specially some scenes that are a bit sick but a nice movie!
This movie is really hard If you only set your attention in all the sex scenes but what I love is the Pyscological background of every character, really sick and lonely people.
No plans for today I only need to call the people from The Social Service to see what it is going to happen and I am cleaning my room.
In case something great happens I will get back and write it down.

Have a nice day!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bugsy Malone !

Well my friend didn`t show up so I hope this week to have the computer checked. I am drinking a coffee in some hours with my friend Mariana (It`s her birthday today and she also told me she has already bought the tickets for the next fight...I am eager to watch it because Dr. Wagner is figthing!!!!) yayayayy!!!!

Well this is one of my favorite movies when I was young, I really loved Bugsy Malone sorry to hear his director was and still really ashamed of this work but for me it really worked perfectly, I just can`t recall who the director was...and yes this is the movie where I saw the beautiful Jodie Foster for the first time...I guess after this She was in Taxi driver...let me know If I am wrong!

Good day!!
Thanks Victor for the conversation!


Silent memoirs my trip to the past

No comic reviews or comics talk since some time ago and today I wanted to share one of those comics that changes your life, in fact My Mom, my grandmother and this comic are the responsibles that I like The 1920`s.
When I was around 7 I received my first load of comic in X-mas time and I decided to be a penciler of Comics well this
this is the comic that make me decide to write and draw my own comics at the age of 8.
L`uomo de Chicago is one of those incredible stories done by Giancarlo Alessandrini.

Who is him?

If one day this comic gets into your hands please read it!
I stil have my copy in horrible conditions but I still have it!!

Enjoy your day!!...JESUS ANTONIO
ps:The first great twist plot I read or saw when I was young.

For Whom the Bell tolls

I am still sleepy a bit coming from one of my daily jobs, I am now waiting for the guy who is going to help me with my computer and see what is in need to modify on it.
Well I saw the words June wrote and I agree totally I need to learn how not to care so much about things. Btw lovely story about bullying you wrote. In my case I have to say that one of the greatest things of not lying or behaving so good everytime gives you the chance to behave horribly.
This is my story:
I used to study my elementary, junior high and high school in the same place in fact a Catholic Chuch.
When I was in 4th grade elementary school a guy (I remember his second name as Corona) in my school started teasing me hitting my head with his open hand for quite a few times, I have never been the bully I have always been like the ironic dark sensed guy well He continued hitting me till I just got fed up.
So I traced my masterplan I waited for the lunch break and when I was in the school yard I started collecting some rocks, small ones :) and I filled my pencil bag with those, thanfully the teacher changed places so now I was at his back sitting normally so when Corona was really concentrated on his work I just took the pencil bag filled of rocks and hit him with all my guts!!!. As you might know the sound of the blow was so hard that the teacher noticed it. Corona was taking his head with his hands and the teacher started asking who hit him. He asked me and I said "I do not know but It wasn`t me..". Corona crying was accusing me but because everybody knows I do not lie, the teacher believed me and also punished Corona with another hit in the same place for lying...Well in fact I lied that time and was sweet sweet . I still can not understand why my classmates never told on me. Probably they were also fed up of Corona.
Keep the secret to yourself :).

See you later on!!
Wondy congrats on your first working day!!!


Monday, October 24, 2005

The Buzz

Yesterday I received some mails (thanks Paco I am writing to you over the weekend to thank you) about the situation in my country after Wilma, I have to be honest I never expected that Yucatan and Chiapas were really devastated after this horrible situation, thanfully I live in the central area and it was funny but this weekend was the most perfect weekend in terms of the weather here.I am okey nothing has happened to me and my family thanks for asking.
If you can help La Cruz Roja Mexicana go and help I would appreciate it tons. (the info is in Spanish). I am doing that in my town.

Today was kind of boring I did some stuff at home, tomorrow a person will help me to check my computer, I will take tomorrow to draw the usual work and to design some work for my brother because He wants to open a T-shirt business with my art to support his new family, in some weeks If everything is solid I will start selling them via the web. I am still behind schedule in some many things but tomorrow will be another day!!
Batman was one of my favorite shows the same as it was The Green Hornet!! I still do not understand why this TV show never nailed it!!
Have a great day!!

June thanks a lot for the words...go and watch Tango!.
I am planning to rent the Ring one and two over the weekend (but the japanese flicks of course!!). I owe my father the love to Bruce Lee films!!

Great day to you all!!


Sunday, October 23, 2005

colors and shadows from the soul

Funny but my friend the one I said likes Tango and also attends to some classes of that gave me this movie to watch, after going to Tequisquiapan I decided to watch this movie.
I was honestly thinking that it would be a lost of time but I was wrong.
This is a coproduction done with Spain and Argentina.
The acting of Miguel Angel Sola is the only thing to recover from the acting.The 3 stars of the movie are:
Director: Carlos Saura Cinematographer: Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now, The Last Emperor, Last Tango in Paris,Bulworth, The Conformist, Reds) and Musical Score: Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible, Bullit).
I enjoy the movie a lot specially because it is a musical with tons of coreographies, beautiful beautiful movie except for the lousy lousy and lame love story. A horrible love story framed by the most beautiful Tango study in all the concepts from music to dancing.
If you love to see people dancing this is a movie to see, If you like strong plot lines just keep yourself so so so away from this movie!.
I have to concede that there are some parts of the script and some specific scenes where the script is Awesome! but only some parts...specially the appreciation of life done by the male character.

A nice weekend I had!!


ps:Annita good to see you understood perfectly the sequence!!! :) Love and kisses to you.
ps:Wondy thank you a lot for the words you have said all this time!! I love you tons!!

Our land in the place of joy.

This weekend was quite nice I went yesterday to Soriano to visit a Virgin and accomplished half of a Manda I gave my word to do.
Manda is when you do something after a promise and I was completing part of that kind of Oath I made some time ago.

And today I was visiting Tequisquiapan that is a touristic town near my city so I have been like a hog over this weekend.

And tomorrow I will start my my meal regimen and control again my weight!! :)
Today I saw this movie Hero made in Japan. It is a must go and rent it!!!
It has everything in a movie.The art is amazing!!

Have a great time the rest of the afternoon will be spent with my family and at night drawing some work I am a little behind schedule!
Great start of the week!


Saturday, October 22, 2005


I always believed that movies the same as books and information come to your side at proper time the same as people and now I just found another jewel in the desert, I had the chance to see the movie Yeogo Gwidam 4: Moksori (South Korea) and in Spanish the version is called La Voz or the Voice in English from what I know this movie is part of a series of some movies called Whispering Corridor.
If you like Korean horror this is a must.
It is really slow but for an essential reason!!
I loved the way that they portrayed Young Eon!!!
I even got the last gap in the story I am still developing called Third Death, and this movie help me find the final link to start writing the story.

Watch it!!!

Have a great time!!!

ps:Wondy kisses to you.


Friday, October 21, 2005

Love for Dummies. Playing Safe

I am coming from my date. Let`s call her Snoopy (for a weird reason She reminds me Snoopy).
Big upper lip, thin lower lip, big but nice and cute nose.She is really cute , shorty and wears glasses.
Well I met her some time ago and till last week I had the time to drink a coffee with her.
She is a friend of the girl I am going to Las Luchas and in an odd way realized We had Snoopy as a mutual friend.
We had a coffee downtown for several hours and We ended eating Tacos al pastor.
It has been in a long long time that I was not getting a hard time to speak about me, I know that I normally start shrinking the mind of the girl I am dating and I let her do all the talk,She is really smart in her perspective about life, in fact I knew We have some things in common I did probably the 30% of the conversation this time but I didn`t have a problem to talk about me.
I like what I saw from her but this time I will play kind of safe. This is the first time I was with her and I like what I saw but this time I will ask our friend in common to ask her If She got interested about me so in case She says She was I will invite her again and see if something comes from it, but in case She says that She is not interested I will only call the quits, I mean I do not want this time to form a pedestal as I did some time ago with You know who.
This time I will take my time.....

Have a great time and see you!!


Believe it or not!

Yeah believe it or not I used to smile in photos!!! I was saying some time ago that I have almost none photos of myself seems that I do not like to be taken in a photo (you know feeling my soul is taken away :)...just kidding).

So I am showing you my two favorite photos of my Childhood.
The second one in 1976 I still have the cap with one teddy bear I receive as a token of love. And the other taken when I was in Kinder Garden aproximately when I decided to become a Comic Book Author.
As you can see I can really have cute boys in my future!! Only a matter of finding the right chick eventually.

Have a great time!!


The Light Darkness upon my face!!

Today I just came from the Social Service to know that the person who has to give me my training just travel to mind some businesses so that means that next week I will know what about it.

There`s been long time I do not speak about music and as some of you know MY FAVORITE BAND EVER IS PORTISHEAD.
Damn Beth Gibbons is really hot and depressive..:)
8 years to produce a new album...I am sure it will be worthy the wait.

Wondy and UK fellows please let me know when the CD hits the stand in your place I really want to have a copy of the New album but in the UK version. Just let me know about it and I will find a way to compensate your help. The last thing I knew it was that many people were saying that the new album would be called Alien but I am sure the album will have another name.
I guess Portishead did another track for an album..can someone give me more info about it?

I liked that Robin Williams has a single that reminds me a lot to the prior work of Sting.
Please listen to Moloko she is great.
I am also expecting the new album of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Have a nice time!!


Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Science of the Golden Blues. II

Fairy Blues Posted by Picasa

I am still not sure If tomorrow I will post so I am doing it in advance.
The girl just called me that today She was leaving from her job late so tomorrow it will be the date instead of today. (bummer :) ).
About the Social Service appointment The person never came so She called only to apologize so this day was free so I went and scanned the second page.
Cute Annita I made some changes in the script in terms of the art and the ambience but I am sure you may like the changes. I am even sure We will have something good with this so prepare your luggage in case We win!!!

Have a great day and see you !!
Peace out!


Where is the song of songs for me!? Meme

I saw this on June`s place so I thought it will be funny!
Meme 5 or more favourite songs in English!

1-Nothing compares to you Prince and the version of Sinnead
2-No more I love`s u Annie Lennox
3-Yellow Coldplay
4-Every Breath you take Sting with Police
5.-I still haven`t found what I am looking for U2

In Spanish
1.-Cruz de navajas. Mecano
2.-Yolanda. Pablo Milanes

See ya!!


Moving Forward

Nice day!! Posted by Picasa

Well today many things to talk about.
I sent my last deposit to the bank for the trips I was planning since some years ago, now I have no excuse now for visiting my friends over USA next year specially Nik,Betsy and well to look for work in New York (I will only be wise about the right timing to go because I am in terms of pleasure trips but also wanting to return after that with a job) and also my plan to visit Spain to hang out with my friends, now I have the amount I wanted to save.
I finish the second page of Fairy Blues, another one of Luchador! and another of El Clan so expect soon some work to be shared.
Now I am just waiting for a friend to check my computer and I will have a training this afternoon for my social service and at night the date with this girl.
So see you later or tomorrow!!

Yes I am available for Comission work...drop me a line If you are interested!!

I received this post from one of my best friend Betsy living now in Texas, so I supposed you may like it!!

It is good It is good that you are where you are. Because where you are is a place from which you can surely move forward. It is good that you have made it through the events that brought you to this place and time. Because the journey has provided you with valuable knowledge, experience, wisdom and strength.
It is good that there are challenges for you to tackle. For on the other side of those challenges, once you work through them, is the treasure of achievement.
It is good that you're not completely certain about what tomorrow will bring. Because that gives you the opportunity to make tomorrow into whatever you choose.
It is good that the world is constantly changing. For that gives you the ability to fill it with your highest vision. It is good that things are just the way they are. For that gives you the perfect opportunity to make life into the best that it can be.
-- Ralph Marston

Have a great time!!


ps:I forgot to mention that I saw a good movie called Golden Balls or Huevos de Oro with Javier Bardem (in my opinion the best spanish actor also "Mar Adentro" with him).
the director is Bigas Luna an incredible creative mind.
I didn`t know that I have seen some movies from him, like Jamon,Jamon! and Bambola!.
People say Golden Balls is his masterpiece I have to disagree the writing is really awful but the tools an resources used on the movie and the acting are the strenghts of the movie.

His link.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The insight of my soul

Yesterday! Posted by Picasa

Yesterday was good in the overall, do you remember I was kind of sick yesterday? ..but even being and feeling sick I really enjoyed the show.
I saw a BEAUTIFUL wrestler fighter called Sioux, wow She was hot!!
About the show I have to confess that this time There were more hits than movements that was different because it normally happens that the movements are the base of this fights and what I liked the most, I also like Perros del Mal!!.
I liked the show but from what I heard the next one for November 1st will be Awesome!!!

I am today a kind of moody and I have many things to do tomorrow I still feel a little sick and with a mild headache but with the Medicine I took I feel pretty fine.
Tomorrow I have a date with a nice girl tomorrow I will send the insight.
No news about comic work till tomorrow!!
I am now going back to sleep!!
See ya later!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Civil Wedding

My brother and his wife Posted by Picasa

Last Week was the civil Wedding of my brother and his wife. They are moving probably to Veracruz at least what it the word in the house, my Mom still cries in everycorner...well Mother`s stuff. :)
And well right here are some of the pictures taken outside the place.
This is my Brother and his Wife, the other is the Family photo.
I took a lot of Medicine and I feel much much better.I feel now a little grogy :)
I am almost finishing the second page of Fair Blues so keep your eyes open Bonita Anita!!.

Have a great time and see you tomorrow.

I liked the Luchas time and next one will be Awesome because the Cast of next show it is really good!!
We took some photos so hopefully next week I will load them!


The Civil Wedding

The Civil Wedding Posted by Picasa

I am the one with the grey shirt and black jacket and serious expression. :)


IN NOMINE Posted by Picasa

Some people has seen this page and some others haven`t this is the project I have with the great writer Pedro L. Lopez and well it is about vampires (My taste of work in fact, the little gore in me).
IN NOMINE is a great project and this post is also a reminder to myself to send the project to the Spanish company that I am in contact in fact I already sent the proposal but I still need to follow the word on the project and keep teasing them.
I decided to send you guys the lettered work this time!!

Great day!!


Rocking Times of Lust

Sherlock Jr. Posted by Picasa

Well I have some news...!!!
I was comissioned by a nice friend and a very talented artist to draw something for him.
Well what it is amazing is that He accepted to trade art instead of money, I will send him a mail tomorrow night thanking him and also telling him that next weekend I will start the comission.
My plan is to start a tutorial with the Comission I will try to explain how the idea evolves over these weeks till having the final piece.
He will ink a pencil work done by that is incredible news!!!
In case you are reading this THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

I am keeping the name of him for some time so when I receive my inked piece You will recognize him, I can only say He is working where I want to work *sight* someday
(He says it would take some time but it doesn`t matter in fact I am plenty of time) so well happy day indeed!!

Great day to you!!

Watch Sherlock Jr a master piece from Buster Keaton.

The Prophetic words of Love!!!

Japanese Buster Keaton Posted by Picasa

Hey June thanks a lot for the words I am sure you already know that my lovelife will improve soon so thank you for the heading!! (I hope it gets good soon!! because 2 days ago I wanted to know more a girl I was just hanging out lately and well now it seems it is not possible because She is just leaving this week to another part of the country so no more knowing the person..hahahahaha well s**t happens. :)
I am a bit lazy and sick (a headache) today and I wanted to use Excel but I am so lame using it so I will wait for one of my brothers to help me because now I am just lost :).
Today I am going to the Luchas so expect an overall soon!!
I feel a little sick so I will sleep some hours and later on I will try to draw for some hours, I received an email this morning about doing a documentary with many spanish friends and professionals of the comic and They want me to participate but the only problem is that the documentary is in Spain and I am still in Mexico living, I really hope the distance is not an issue and they find a way so I can cooperate...seems really odd the proposal but I love the idea people know more about me and my work specially over Spain where my work is breaking tru.
I was about to go to the school to check some paperwork today but I prefer to do everything tomorrow morning, I am a little behind schedule with my paper work and some stuff I need to cover in my Residency but well tomorrow is another day!!
Remember the story I wrote FOOL well I have seen the inked pages and I liked them a lot!! as soon as I have them with the corrections I will post them!!
Annita as I said before so great We have so many things in common.

Thursday,Friday and Saturday I have no work so that means time to dedicate to the work I am behind.

Have a great day!!!


ps:The image is from Our Hospitality an incredible movie of Buster Keaton!!!.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Happiness is not the goal.

Gold Rush Posted by Picasa

I listened today a wise man saying "The wrong thing about people is to believe that their goal in life is to look for happiness, so wrong hapiness is just the result and the harvest of what You have as a goal, your goal is what you want to say to people the motif you are living for..what is your reason to live?"
I really like those words.
Well nothing further happened today so a warm hello to you all....Ohh no wait a minute I watch another time Casablanca and I really loved the movie...It has a simple storyline but it is a precious movie!.
Yesterday I convinced my Dad and my brother to watch Kill Bill ONE and they loved it!!
I was really tired this day and I just drew the plotting of Fair blues hoping by this week to finish the second page and to color another one of Luchador!!
Tomorrow I am going to Las Luchas again :)-
Wish me luck and pray as usual for me!!

About my love life well nothing at a bit but what the heck!! :)

Have a great time!!


Sunday, October 16, 2005

This is what I will do when I draw BATMAN

Pencil Posted by Picasa

I am sure that someday I will draw Batman in a very long long run and Well this is my take on Batman I even investigated with some friends what it was on their mind when they were drawing or writing Batman (I am lucky enough to have respectable friends who had worked with the character to have the right info from the direct source).
So well A little tutorial

This is a dummy cover I did some years ago as a Submission.
When I want another person to ink my work I try to keep the work so loose even without details because that gives me the chances to see the inking style and also to know who is really strong to make my work more powerful.
also I have a bad tendency (well it is not bad but for some people it is really hard to see the stiffed work of line I have when I ink).
This image was inked by a friend, and after what I saw I decided to ink my own.

Below is it my take on the inking as you might see I commited some errors in some of the speed lines but in the overall I am really proud about the way I handled the ink, I also needed some attention in the line weight of the inked but I was more concerned about the old litho style I like to do.I also have the tend to modify the design If it is neccessary to do so!! (e.g the shadowing and the cape work).

So I will do this when I get my hands in Batman!!!!


Have a great time!!


This is what I will do when I draw BATMAN

Inked! Posted by Picasa

Detail of
The inked piece done by me!


The lost encrypted words of the haiku

I received this Haiku from my Amigo Amigo Nik Havert!!

"Jesùs Hernàndez"
Jesùs the artist
He hails from Quèretaro
and loves silent films.

I loved IT and thanks Nik!!!


I already sent a mail to a great professional who has been really nice with me over the mails and I will order a book He is self-printing so as soon as I get my copy I will promote his work aside an interview I will have with him for the AACE.

See ya!!

Music: listen to Miranda,Babasonicos, Elly Noise, Cerati.